Building with Rendra in extreme conditions

The Icelandic Government Construction Contracting Agency (FSR) administers government construction projects and does consulting on technical matters, procurement and preparation of projects. The agency is now using Rendra in a unique and often hostile environment for construction.

Örn Erlendsson
Örn Erlendsson

– One of the toughest challenges we are facing when building on Iceland is the harsh winters, strong winds and frequent earthquakes. These are probably the most crucial challenges involved in designing and building on Iceland, says Örn Erlendsson, Environmental Project Manager and BIM Contact at FSR.

Increased use of BIM on Iceland

Although BIM is not new to the Icelandic construction market, BIM has not come as far as it has in some of the neighboring countries. FSR are now looking at expanding the use of BIM in their projects.

– BIM has however been growing a lot in the past few years and it‘s happening fast. Most likely it‘s caused by growing awareness to the importance of BIM and because of more accessible software and of course expanded competence with regards to BIM, he says.

– FSR has an emphasis on BIM in all major new construction projects and have been expanding their BIM competence the last 10 to 12 years, says Erlendsson.

Taking BIM to the construction site with Rendra

FSR have been involved in several large projects where BIM and Rendra has played an important role.

– We are currently using Rendra at a patient hotel in central Reykjavik and at a visitor center in the national park of Thingvellir. Previously we used Rendra in the construction of a new prison and two school buildings, he says.

The main goal of introducing Rendra to these projects was to give the contractors access to documents on site.

– We are using Rendra to access documents such as BIM models, drawings and other tender documents on the construction site. A key factor has also been to use Rendra to document and inspect on site, he says.

Overcoming skepticism

The overall experience with Rendra at FSR has been good.

– In many cases, Rendra has offered a completely new approach for the contractor and other parties involved. As with all new things, people are sometimes skeptical but the skepticism usually wears off as soon as people see how accessible Rendra is. People like having access to drawings at any given moment and you can now see key individuals on the construction site with a tablet at hand, says Erlendsson

– What we like most about Rendra is how fluent it is and easy to access. You don‘t need to be an IT-specialist to understand how it works and you have access to a bundle of useful information. This has sparked interest of many different individuals on site, regardless of their competence, he says.

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