Building information at your fingertips

Real-time collaboration for everyone in your team on any device at any time

The latest updates from your team at your fingertips

Instant access to the latest revisions of the drawings, the federated BIM model and reports from your team. Empower your team by giving them access to updated information in real time when out in the field.

Discover, describe , address and resolve issues faster

Keep your team up to date on open issues through the user-friendly overview in the model. Find your ”to do”-list by tapping ”assign to me” and get notified when the issue is updated to your e-mail address. Discover, describe, address and resolve issues on the go - faster.

Document your work and be ready for instant handover

Document your work on the go by linking pictures, documentation and your own reports directly to the objects, rooms, floors and/or zones in the model. When you have finished your work, you and your team are all set for an easy handover of the as-built documentation.


"This is the best thing that has happened since Commodore 64. It's fantastic being able to utilize the data at the construction site, not only in the office. I have tried several different solutions for the field. This simply works."

Helge Underland

Construction Manager

Project New Østfold Hospital

We believe that BIM software will change the way the construction industry works.

Giving you access to your drawings, the BIM Model and your workflow when you need it where ever you are on any device

Rendra O will change the way you work

Find out how you can get the most out of Rendra O within your role in the construction project

Planning & Design

Fast and easy digital inspection and overview of the project. Have the updated drawings, documents and BIM available at any time. Ease the coordination with the rest of the project.


Be operative. Visualize, collaborate, report and document your work on the go. No more endless walks between the office and the field. Build more, worry less.

Digital handover

Achieve a digital life cycle focus with Rendra O. Start building a digital trail of solid as built documentation linked to the federated model. When you finish your work you are all set for an easy handover at the tip of your finger.

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